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New Product Release

New medical device launching

New Product Release
Company Profile
With more than 40 years of professional metal precision processing technology and experience accumulation, R & D team, a variety of advanced precision processing equipment and testing instruments, and strict control processes in line with medical industry standards, Jouder can provide customers with medical device design and high-precision processing service.

Product Advantage

The company has a full range of processing processes and equipment for medical device, mainly including German Five-axis Grinder, Australia Precision CNC Round Grinder, Japan Longitudinal cutting lathes , Japan High-speed Milling Machine, Japan and Swiss WEDM,  customized laser welding, knurling, sandblasting, vacuum heat treatment and air protection tempering, etc. Additionally, there are with strict quality control processes controlled by German Zeiss CMM, Japan Profile projectors, professional tool measuring instrument and a variety of testing equipment, such as: torque test, tensile test, spectral test, metallographic test, boiling water and so on. Jouder could provide relevant RoHS , Reach, CE and other certificates

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